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I have to admit, I have not been the best at updating the website. I’ve been so overwhelmingly busy lately. Coding every second of the day, because I’ve been in “final stretch mode” for the last two months. I’d thought my app was just about ready to be submitted to The App Store, so I thought ok, I’ll just turn up the heat and code non stop. I can keep that up for a while, right? What I thought would be two weeks worth of work turned into two months of non stop grinding.

4.2 Minimum Functionality

The problem was that even though I was creating a Stephen King trivia app, when I submitted it, I got the dreaded generic 4.2 minimum functionality message. I had been testing the waters to see what the absolute minimum I could include in an app to be accepted for personal research. The app only had three quizzes, so that message was understandable.

Developing With No Direction

Each quiz takes a long time to make. I have to read the entire book for each quiz, and take down a ridiculous amount of notes. Then I have to cross reference them, make sure the answers are air tight, and then design the covers myself. So I had the bright idea to add library functionality to the app. This would show a list of all of Stephen Kings books, the ability to mark them as read, reading next and so on. But after all the work of creating it and implementing it, I still got the exact same message from apple in rejection. 4.2 Minimum Functionality.

That guideline goes on to say your app may be mostly pictures, or mostly content taken from the internet. That message is so ambiguous that it was hard to know what the wanted. Are they saying I don’t have enough content as far as quizzes? Or that the library portion of the app is overshadowing the quizzes and creating an imbalance in original content vs aggregated content? The world may never know.

A Reminder From The High Council

My brother Rick, who is one of the only people I consult about things of this nature was the one who pointed me in the right direction. Ultimately getting the app accepted. We were spitballing ideas one day, and I was explaining to him why I thought it was being rejected. I settled on the idea that they were saying the content coming from the web outweighed the original content of the quiz. Rick suggested that the whole point of the app was to be a Stephen King trivia app, and the library wasn’t necessary.

I fought him on this, because clearly he didn’t understand the two months of work that went into learning how, and making those features. But in the end, I listened to him, took those features out, and remade the app in a way that made clear that this was a trivia app through and through. And here we are.


My original 365 countdown was made in October of last year. I restarted it when I had to transfer the website a few months ago to a new provider. My goal for this year was to have an app finished and accepted into the App Store before the next October ended, and I am so proud to say I have!

I’ll be releasing it next week, because I have a few things I still need to pull together on the marketing side, but that baby is signed, sealed, delivered, and next week, its yours!

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