Two Months Has Never Flown By So Fast

Its been two months since I started my first full time iOS Developer position, and I have to say it’s been wild. I was so nervous in the beginning, and honestly am only just now shaking some of the nervousness. My team has been extremely helpful and welcoming, which was such a relief! Seriously, I work with some talented folks, and all of them are so willing to teach and share knowledge. From the Android developers to the Designers, everyone collaborates and its created an environment where I’m slowly beginning to understand that I don’t have to already know everything. That we’re all still learning, and it’s alright to not know something, as long as you’re willing to learn, which is the name of the game.

Learning, Learning, And More Learning

I’ve learned so much in the last two months. What professionally structured code looks like, best practices, getting more comfortable working with git, working in a team, working in a professional setting, too much to list, and the best part? Its all been FUN! I feel so thankful to have finally stumbled onto something that I wake up looking forward to doing, something that I look forward to learning about, and *coughs* pays a livable wage *coughs*.

Slowly Reclaiming My Life

I’d been working non stop before I got this job. Waking up early and coding until it was time to go to my actual job, coding on my breaks, and then a little when I got home at 1am most nights. Since I started this job, I feel like I’ve gotten 8 hours of my life back, and in that time, I’ve started living again. I was basically a hermit for the last two years, and now Im trying to reclaim my life. Catch up with friends, do things I’ve never done, eat good food, and get my health back on track.

Oh God, Not Selfies

I’ll be honest guys, interacting with so many people all the time, and doing some many things that make me uncomfortable every day is pretty stressful, but Im growing so much from it, so Im going to push myself even harder now. One example is I’ve always been the type of person who’s hated being in front of a camera for many reasons, one of them being that I’ve always been self conscious about my weight. One of the small things I’m going to do besides of course, getting healthier, is to start posting more pictures of myself, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me. I’ll save you all my ugly mug and leave all of those social things to instagram though. If you’d like to keep up with that, you can follow me here!

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