Beginning My iOS Journey To 365 Days of Swift Code, Again.

Hey guys, It’s Michael. I recently made the decision to change the domain name from, too I debated for a long time, because I think the original name rolls off the tongue better, but at the end of the day, the .com looks better and more official in everyones mind, so I felt if I was going to do it, I’d better do it now before I renewed the domain for another two years.

Starting Fresh

I had the option to have the website transferred, but ultimately decided to just start fresh, no pun intended. It would give me the opportunity to to create the website with more clarity of what it is I want to accomplish it than I did when starting With that site, I went from talking about and writing reviews on books, to trying to teach swift, to a mix of in-between, and just to throw the kitchen sink in, talking about my mental health journey. After almost a year of doing it, I know now that I want to focus only on the business of iOS Development, creating a project, and seeing it through.

See Your iOS Project Through From Beginning To End

There are a ton of places on the web to learn swift, but not many that teach you how to go through the steps of building your own project, something that means something to you and not just another todo list app, or weather app. How to see your project through from sketches, to being published in the App Store. I know the site might seem fresh, and low on content, but believe me, it won’t be for long. I’ll be taking some posts from the old site, mostly the ones that were part of series, but for the most part, it all begins, again, here.

Stay Fresh

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