I’ve been trying to hold myself accountable with sharing my progress with social media, and this year I’ve been doing extremely well with it. Recently though, I’ve fallen back into bad habits. I’ve kept up with twitter almost daily, but because the app I’m working on is so close to being finished and published, I’ve pushed almost everything else off to the side. That directly conflicts with one of my resolutions for this year, which is consistently documenting my progress and sharing it with others.

Squash The Perfectionist Bug

It’s hard to be consistent with social media, especially when you’re a perfectionist like me, and don’t want to share what you’re working on until its polished and finished. Thats why I’ve come up with #ScreenShareSundays. I’m planning on posting my current work in progress, no matter how it looks at the end of every week. My theory is that it’ll help squash the protectionist in me and be more ok with letting people see that this is all a process.

One, Tahoo, Threeee *CRUNCH*

We’ve all seen the picture of the two step drawing of the owl, how it goes from two circles to being finished in the second step. Thats often how we share our work. We go from telling people we’re working on something, then not posting a single in progress shot until its finished, and with most of us, it never gets finished, so we never end up posting anything at all.

Join Me!

Obviously a lot of us are working on things we can’t share contractually, but in most cases, we aren’t working on just one thing, and we all have a small passion project going on the side. I hope you join me in sharing what you can so that others can see that theres an infinite amount of steps in between step one and step two of drawing an owl!

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