The Development Dream Plan

When I started on my path to becoming an iOS Developer, I had just gotten into the habit of a healthier lifestyle. I was coming fresh off of losing 60 pounds, getting my mental health in order, making sure I cleaned my place regularly instead of only when I knew I was going to have company, you get the picture. I’m not sure about you, but I know when I get focused on something, it almost always becomes a single minded pursuit, an obsession. iOS Development was no different.

The Slow Reality Of The Plan

I had a game plan, time set aside for researching, time set aside for working, time set aside for cooking and trying new recipes, time set aside for exercising, and a time for relaxing. But like always, when I’m determined to do something, the time set aside for other things slowly disappears. First it’s me giving away my time for exercise, then my time for socializing, then my time for eating healthy, and so on.

The Developers Wake Up Call

Before you know it, months have gone by, and you look up from your workspace to see your place is a complete mess, you have 100 unread text messages, you’ve gained back 10 pounds, and you don’t know what the sun looks unless you google a picture of daylight.

Gambling Current Happiness For Future Happiness

The tech field is forever expanding, there is no shortage of jobs for skilled developers, and while nothing is certain, it’s very likely that there never will be a shortage of jobs for any developer who is constantly learning, which is the name of the game. Don’t sacrifice your health for a few extra hours of work. There is a difference between working hard and consistently, and giving up your entire life in the pursuit of a job. If you’re anything like me, you’re working this hard to get out of a non profession and into a career. But remember, no matter how much you enjoy what you do, a job is a job, and sacrificing current happiness for the hope of future happiness is a very slippery slope.


Don’t live for the future and forget to live now. Believe it or not, you can do both, without sacrificing either.

Stay Fresh

Getting The Lay Of The Land

Learning To Code The Efficient Way


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