Why I Started Learning Web Development As An iOS Developer

In this weeks updates and developments for me, I’ve been frustrated with having such limited options with my website. I use WordPress, and since I have no web development skills, I’ve been stuck using the themes provided. Well, pretty soon that will no longer be the case! Whenever I find myself wishing I could do something, I just learn how to do it, and thats what I’m doing now! I just created my first website in pure HTML, so needless to say it looks like something from the 90’s, but its a start! I’ll be posting the link when I have learned a bit more about CSS and its no longer such a disgusting thing to behold!

This Weeks Batch Of Updates

I can’t believe its already been five days since I restarted the site! Where has the time gone! Just for a small recap of last week, I’ve started a few new series on the site. One of them is called The Developers Mindset, where I’ll be talking what I believe the mindset of a developer who wants to achieve their goals should be. I kicked the series off with a post about mental health in the pursuit of a development career! The other series is called Bite Sized, where I’ll be posting tiny written tutorials based on the notes I take for myself while coding in Swift! The first of those is about UIAlertControllers!

Second App Store Submission

One last update is that I’ve resubmitted an app I’ve been working on for a while that was previously rejected. The app is based on the novels of Stephen King, and they rejected it for using a name that I didn’t know was trademarked, but should have, and also for using a web browser that would open Amazon and links to the books if someone didn’t already have it in their collection! It sucked, but the part that sucked the most was the last reason for the rejection, which was the broad statement they always give of there not being enough features. I’ve uploaded it again the offending Amazon links taken out, the name changed, and a small batch of new features just as a soft test to see where to head next with the app. Wish me luck!

Stay Fresh

Health In The Pursuit Of Development Happiness

Using UIAlertController In Swift