Creating Systems For Learning

One of the things about learning something new that I take pride in is creating systems. It takes a while for me to create one, because I learned early on that it was a waste of time if I didn’t have a clear understanding and broad overview of what I was learning. I would get so detailed and rigid with creating my system, only to realize a week later after I’d gained some new piece of information that the way I was going about learning wouldn’t work.

By George, I think I’ve Got It!

Well, after all this time of learning Swift and creating apps, I’m finally comfortable enough with my process to think I’ve finally created a system that works for me. I’m not quite ready share it yet, just because I’m still working out the kinks, but I think this one is going to stick just because of the flexibility of it.

Flexibility My Dear Watson

When you’re developing apps, you’ll soon find that no one way works for everything, especially when you’re creating a feature you don’t fully understand how to implement yet. That was the biggest kink in my plans. I would create a process for working my way through an app, and it would work perfectly when I was already familiar with what I was doing, but all of that would fly out of the window as soon as I hit the portion of the app that I had to research and learn how to do. Especially when that something was a lot more complicated than I originally intended.

The Name Of The Game Is Soon

I’ll be sharing all of this soon. Its just hard right now being so close to finishing and publishing an app to write an in depth post about my process. But soon guys, soon.

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