Why Accessibility Is Important

When I think about accessibility, I think about this quote from Paul Hudson.

“Making your products more accessible won’t earn you much money or gain your app rankings in the App Store. It removes boundaries that were put there in the first place, connecting both you and your product to people who would otherwise be excluded from what you created.”

Accessibility Is Not A Trend

Accessibility isn’t just a trend. It’s the difference between people being able to use your app, and not use your app. The measures we take to ensure our apps are accessible to everyone are so small for the huge impact it will have for our users that rely on these, you’ll see how easy it to implement dynamic type here.

One, Two Punch!

For labels to grow dynamically, using Apples built in functionality, you only need two things. Things get complicated when using custom fonts, or buttons, but for basic dynamic type on a UILabel you only need two things to start.

  1. Using one of Apples built in text styles.
  2. Selecting the Dynamic Type box under font selection.

As I said earlier, things get more complicated when not using one of apples built in text styles, so we’ll handle custom fonts later. Even getting dynamic type to work for buttons is a bit different. Luckily, it’s still almost a two step process.


1. Have you selected one of Apple’s Textstyles?

2. Have you checked the Dynamic Type Box?

Part 2

In the next part, we’ll talk about how to enable dynamic type for buttons. It’s not as easy as checking a box like labels are, but its still pretty easy for the amazing functionality we get!

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